preventing falls with in-home therapy

Beyond Balance

Beyond Balance is an in-home program for fall prevention designed to
prevent emergency room visits and hospitalization.

Beyond Balance

Fall Prevention for at-risk seniors

The Beyond Balance program is an evidence based therapy-driven program designed for patients with a history of falls, or deemed to be at high risk of falls. The program incorporates proven exercises designed to increase strength, improve balance and prevent falls in older adults.

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Program Benefits:

  • Prevent falls

  • Address physical frailty

  • Prevent emergency room visits

  • Prevent hospitalization

  • Prevent devastating injuries

  • Improve patient confidence and safety

Program Features:

  • Standardized Tests and Measurements

  • Evidence-Based Home Exercise Program

  • Devise Use Assessment and Education

  • Credentialed Clinicians

  • Customized Acuity-Based Plans of Care