Meet Our

Leadership Team

At Well Care Health we choose to lead. Leadership is not the same as management. One can manage by arranging and telling or they can lead by nurturing and enhancing. Our executive team is made up of highly experienced home health care professionals who, together, inspire a corporate culture that embraces innovation, growth, and a passion for quality in-home health care.

With the Well Care Promise at heart, our leaders understand that attitude, initiative, and action are what matters most as we continue to provide the very best in home care.

  • Zac Long, JD, MHA

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Susan Jackson, MA

    Chief People Officer

  • Matt Chadwick

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jaimee Marsicano, RN

    Vice President, Home Health Operations

  • Daniel Thompson, RN, BSN

    Vice President, Compliance and Quality

  • Rebecca Higbee, RN

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Carolyn Wheat, VP

    Vice President of Business Development

Remembering Our Founder

Wayne Long, CEO

A tribute video to Wayne Long, founder of Well Care Health

I am humbled and amazed by the people we have across our organization
Wayne Long, founder & CEO

On September 15, 2017, the Well Care family suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of our leader and CEO, G. Wayne Long. Despite the permanent hole in our hearts, Wayne’s vision lives on and continues to guide each of us as we carry on his legacy. Below are stories and cherished memories of Wayne shared by our very own team members and business partners, those who had the honor to work alongside Wayne over the years.

The Man we Remember…

“I have been a member of the Well Care team for 15 years. I have witnessed his strong leadership and foresight of the future of home health. He has made Well Care the agency it is today.  He is a legend in home care and I know the agency will continue to pursue his dream of being the top agency in home health in NC.  Life is fragile and not to be taken for granted. Live each day to its fullest, put a smile on your face and make a difference in someone’s life daily.”

Sherry, RN, Well Care Home Health

The first time I met Wayne, he came to a little backwoods town in Davie County.  County leaders were not seeing the home health numbers they once were seeing throughout the agency, so they gave up on us. But along came Wayne, and he saw what they didn’t see — the excellent care that was being provided. He had faith that he could buy this agency and turn it around — and boy did he ever!  We now serve Davie County and all surrounding counties in the Triad. I am grateful he gave us a second chance!

The last time I saw Wayne was on August 24 at the BBT Ballpark, where he joined his Well Care employees and their families for a fun night out, provided to us by him.  I went up to him to thank him for everything,but he stopped me and said, “No, no don’t thank me. I thank YOU for everything you do.” I never thought those would be the last words I heard from him, but I’m sure that’s the last thing he would have wanted us all to hear. Now, we had our differences in opinion – he was a Tarheel fan and I am a Duke fan — but I forgave him for that! One thing we did agree on was to provide nothing but excellence in the healthcare industry to the patients we serve. I hope I can continue to make him proud working for the five star agency that he built. 

Shiloh, HHA, Well Care Home Health of the Triad

“Wayne was an amazing mentor, leader, and colleague. His work ethic and dedication to patient care were inspiring. He was the type of leader who would let me be innovative, oftentimes telling me that he was going to ‘wind me up and watch me go.’ I grieve for my Well Care Home Health family, but also recognize that because of his leadership, his team is strong and his legacy will live on. I am thankful he was able to see us name our first Well Care Home Health Leadership Scholar, as it is another example of the ripple effect of his leadership.”

Dr. Meg Zomorodi, UNC School of Nursing faculty liaison for the Well Care Scholars Program

Wayne is one of the few people that really touched my life here at Well Care. He was a great inspiration to me during my rough journey through the RN to BSN program. He told me that I could accomplish anything, as long as I was determined. His words gave me the courage to keep on, whenever the demands of work, school, and raising two girls were weighing on me. I pulled through and made it.”

Olive, RN, Well Care Home Health of the Triangle