Reduce Heart Failure Readmissions

Heart Failure Management

An in-home program for the management of chronic heart failure with a goal of improved self-monitoring, activity tolerance, and preventing hospitalizations.

Well Care Health is proud to offer this program and to be certified by the American Health Association.

in-home heart failure management

Driven by the American Heart Association Clinical Guidelines for Heart Failure, Well Care Home Health offers in-home programs focusing on evidence-based education for patients and caregivers so that they can better manage the chronic disease. Education and interventions focus on medication regimen, a heart-healthy diet, self-monitoring, and advance care planning.

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Program Benefits:

  • Preventing hospitalizations
  • Preventing emergency room visits

  • Improving self-monitoring and self-care management¬†

  • Improving activity tolerance

  • Assuring goal-directed healthcare

Program Features:

  • Standardized Tests and Measurements

  • Medical Management

  • In-home Imaging (chest x-rays)

  • Customized Acuity-Based Plans of Care

  • Interactive Education book based on American Heart Association guidelines